Air Enhancer 8oz Concentrate Can #2005A

AC Boosters & Acid Eliminators

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  • This is a concentrate, not an aerosol.
  • Enviro-Safe Air Enhancer is an air conditioning performance booster specially formulated treatment designed to enhance cooling properties of new and old air conditioning and refrigeration systems by reducing mechanical friction up to 1500%.
  • Air Enhancer contains a highly polar molecule that works synergistically with compressor oil to improve the performance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems by increasing heat transfer in the condenser and evaporator coils. The polarized molecule bonds to the metal inside the system by removing the insulated build-up of oil and forming a conductive layer to improve heat transfer.
  • The average system uses approximately 1/4 oz of Air Enhancer.
  • DO NOT use in ammonia systems
  • DO NOT use in CO2 systems
  • This is a concentrated product that requires an injector tool for installation.
  • We have injectors for 134a systems. Look for part #: 5130 or 5055
  • We have an injector for R12, R22, R502, 410a, R290, R600 systems. Look for part #: 5065
  • Concentrate is the least expensive option per ounce
  • Can be measured out in individual doses
  • Must have an injector for installation

Directions for Use:

  1. Before starting, make sure injector tool is clean.
  2. Pour 1/4 ounce into injector tool.
  3. Wipe cap and can threads clean and reinstall cap.
  4. Connect injector tool to low pressure valve.
  5. Inject Air Enhancer into a/c system.
  6. When injector is empty, clean with Brake Kleen.
  7. For assistance, call 888-913-1110.

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