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 Enviro-Safe Dye Concentrate (170 KB, PDF)

  • Enviro-Safe Dye Charge is fully compatible with mineral, ester and pag oils.
  • For use in automotive applications.
  • Highly concentrated dye (fluorescent yellow)
  • In some cases, you can see the dye with the naked eye.
  • The dye works best with the use of a black light and UV glasses.
  • #3565 UV Glasses
  • #3525 Black light
  • This is the same color dye that most auto makers inject into the vehicle when new.
  • Has 134a top on the can.
  • DO NOT use in ammonia systems
  • DO NOT use in CO2 systems
  • Least expensive per ounce
  • Can be measured out in individual doses
  • Must have an injector for installation
  • We suggest one of these:
    • ​#5130 - 134a 1 oz inject
    • #5055 - 134a 2 oz inject
    • #5065 - R12/22 2 oz inject

Directions for Use:​

Use with mineral, ester and pag oils only!


  1. Before starting, make sure injector tool is clean.
  2. Pour 1/4 ounce into injector tool.
  3. Wipe cap and can threads clean and reinstall cap.
  4. Connect injector tool to low pressure valve.
  5. Inject dye into a/c system.
  6. When injector is empty, clean with Brake Kleen.
  7. For assistance, call 888-913-1110.

Note: The use of a blacklight will aid in finding leaks. Use in well ventilated areas. Store in upright position. Replace cap on container after use. Dispose of empty container as per federal, state and local regulations.

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