Stop Leak Concentrate 8 oz can for R12 & R134a Use #2035

Stop Leak & Sealants

$13.52 Quantity:

Envirosafe Stop Leak Concentrate 8 oz can for R12 & R134a Use #2035 Photo - Click to Enlarge

  • This is a concentrate, not an aerosol.
  • For automotive use
  • With age, o rings and seals will shrink and deteriorate.
  • When Enviro-Safe Stop Leak is added to your a/c system, it reconditions the rubber o rings and seals.
  • When the Stop Leak product is installed in an air conditioning system, the product mixes with the refrigerant and oil. As the product circulates in the system, it comes in contact with the o’rings and seals causing them to swell, resulting in "no leak".
  • Stopleak will not repair or "fix" cuts or worn out o’rings or seals.
  • 1 can will treat multiple vehicles.
  • Installing Enviro-Safe Stop Leak may stop the yearly recharge of lost refrigerant.
  • Can be used in R134a and R12 system.
  • Hoses and taps available in R134a and R12 to help you with installation.
  • Use only with Mineral, Ester, and Pag oils.
  • DO NOT use in ammonia systems
  • DO NOT use in CO2 systems
  • This is a concentrated product that requires an injector tool for installation.
  • We have injectors for 134a systems. Look for part #: 5130 or 5055
  • We have an injector for R12 systems. Look for part #: 5065
  • Concentrate is the least expensive option per ounce
  • Can be measured out in individual doses
  • Must have an injector for installation

Directions for Use:

Read and understand all warnings and directions before use. This product must be used with a tap and hose that does not contain a back flo valve. The longer the system is charged with this product will give better results. Not for use with ammonia.

1. Install can tap valve and charging hose. 
2. Install charging hose on low pressure side ONLY 
3. Puncture can and back valve out to allow refrigerant to completely fill the can. 
4. Invert can and shake can well. 
5. Start A/C system. 
6. Install all product from can. 
7. Fill system to manufacturer’s specification pressure. 
8. Run compressor for a minimum of 30 min. to circulate product. 
9. Turn can tap valve all the way down. 
10. Disconnect from low pressure valve. 
11. Disconnect can tap from tap and valve. 
12. Replace cap on low pressure valve. 
13. Discard empty can according to all rules and regulations for disposal in your area.

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