Oil Concentrate 8oz Can for R22, R12, R134a #2025A


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 Enviro-Safe Oil Concentrate (187 KB, PDF)

  • This is a concentrate, not an aerosol.
  • A blend of selected oils that have been formulated to provide the extra oil needed when an air conditioning unit loses the oil charge due to leaks or malfunctions in the system. 
  • Use only with mineral, ester or pag oils.
  • Use in conjunction with the injector tool #5055, 5060, 5130, 5065
  • Check to see if you need more oil in your system - oil checkers available on our website. They are part #:  5025a and 5030a.
  • DO NOT use in ammonia systems
  • DO NOT use in CO2 systems
  • Concentrate is the least expensive option per ounce
  • Can be measured out in individual doses
  • Must have an injector for installation

Directions for Use:

Take adequate precautions during use.

1. Before starting, make sure injector tool is clean. 
2. Pour correct amount into injector tool. 
3. Wipe cap and can thread clean then install cap. 
4. Connect injector to the A/C Low Pressure service port valve only. 
5. Inject proper amount into A/C system. 
6. When injector is empty clean with Brake Kleen. 
7. For assistance call 888-913-1110

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