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High-Low Adapter Set #3000

Adapters, Fittings & Couplers

$3.50 Quantity:

Envirosafe High-Low Adapter Set #3000 Photo - Click to Enlarge

The packaged set contains one high-side and one low-side adapter. Instead of having to purchase these items separately, you can purchase them together and save money.

High-Side:  Includes service port caps. 3/16 (3/8"-24) x 16mm

Low-Side: Includes built-in valve core to save you the time of valve replacement during the conversion process and to ensure that the proper spec valve core is installed. Includes service port caps. 1/4 (7/16"-20) X 13mm   Low side may be brass OR aluminum.

If refrigerant is escaping from lowside (blue) fitting, the fitting is too tight.  Raise up the fitting to stop the flow of refrigerant.

International customers, please call or email to place order. 


When Installing low pressure adapter (blue cap), FINGER TIGHTEN ONLY.  Do NOT use a wrench to tighten.  If refrigerant is leaking from low side adapter (blue cap), raise adapter until refrigerant stops leaking.  Replace caps when complete.

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