ProSeal XL4 Inject for HVAC

Enviro-Safe Welcomes the NEXT Generation of packaging to our growing line of amazing products. By now you have heard of ProSeal XL4, one of our highly sought after products in a can, our NEW Product line begins with:


Everyone loves ProSeal XL4, now available in a small, easy to use "tube" for fast, and easy CONNECT and INJECT!


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: ProSeal XL4 Inject (tube only)

Who invented the ProSeal XL4 Inject? Enviro-Safe's own Vice President, Randy Price. 

Can I inject Enviro-Safe ProSeal XL4 Inject into my system while charging with refrigerant? Yes, you can use the refrigerant being added to push the sealant into the low side of the system.

How large of a leak will ProSeal XL4 Inject repair? If the leak does not empty the system within 72 hours, ProSeal XL4 Inject #2100AI-5, will typically seal the system. (This information does not apply to industrial systems.)

Can I refill the ProSeal XL4 Inject? Absolutely not. The ProSeal XL4 Inject is a one time, one application use.

Will ProSeal XL4 Inject clog Schrader valves? ProSeal XL4 will seal the Schrader valve if it is leaking. However, when reconnecting the charging hose, the seal will be broken allowing the Schrader valve to be used as before ProSeal XL4 was installed.

Will ProSeal XL4 Inject intermix with all refrigerants? Proseal XL4 mixes with all hydrocarbon and chemical (R12, R134a, R502, R22) refrigerants. Do Not Use in Ammonia systems.

Will ProSeal XL4 Inject perform in all systems? ProSeal XL4 Inject will seal most leaks when used according to the manufacturers’ directions. ProSeal XL4 Inject will seal most small holes located in the air-conditioning condenser, evaporator, fittings, and metal lines. ProSeal XL4 will NOT repair O-rings, or seals. Do Not Use in Ammonia systems.

How small of a system can I use ProSeal XL4 Inject in? For systems that are very small, we recommend the ProSeal XL4 Inject #2100AI-1.5

Should I pump down the system in order to get ProSeal XL4 Inject into the system? Pump down of the system is not necessary with ProSeal XL4 Inject, regardless of the type of refrigerant being used. Simply follow the product directions provided with the ProSeal XL4 Inject.

Where can I purchase Enviro-Safe's ProSeal XL4 Inject for HVAC? Enviro-Safe products can be purchased directly through this website. However, if you have a large order, please call 1-888-913-1110 and speak to one of our representatives.

If you have other questions, please contact Enviro-Safe directly through email, or telephone.

Read and Understand the product, the product’s label, and Safety Data Sheet prior to use, for precautionary and first aid information. The complete ProSeal XL4 Inject SDS sheet is available on the product page, and listed under SDS on the Resources Menu at the top of the website.

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