How do I install Concentrate products?

There are a few different directions for installing Enviro-Safe Concentrated products.  It all depends on what injector you are using!

If you are using Enviro-Safe #5065 premium injector:

  1. Unscrew the premium injector and pour in the correct amount of additive.
  2. Reinstall the end cap.
  3. Connect the ose end to the A/C unit.
  4. Turn knob to inject the product.
  5. Disconnect from the A/C system.
  6. Dis-assemble the tool and clean with brake cleaner.

If you are using Enviro-Safe #5130, #5060 or #5055 injectors:

  1. Open the injector end.
  2. Pour the correct amount on concentrate into the injector.
  3. Reinstall the injector end cap and hand tighten.
  4. Connect to the refrigerant hose.
  5. Open the valve (if applicable) to inject the additive.
  6. When the additive is installed, shut off and disconnect.
  7. Clean with brake cleaner before storing.

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