How do I install VS products?

Enviro-Safe carries a full line of vacuum sealed products (aka VS).  We are happy to help our customers in any way we can and we know that sometimes you have a question on installation and our office hours are closed.

Step-by-Step Instructions for installing VS products:

  1. You MUST have a hose without a back flow device in the hose.  (If you need one, we suggest #3345 or #3300)
  2. Connect the can to the can tap.
  3. Shut of A/C system.
  4. Connect hose coupler to A/C system.
  5. Puncture can with can tap by turning valve clock wise.
  6. After can is punctured, turn handle counter clockwise to open the valve.  You will hear and feel refrigerant entering the can.
  7. Shake the can and turn the can upside down.
  8. Turn on A/C system.  The can will empty very quickly.
  9. When the can is empty, disconnect the hose from the A/C system and discard the empty can.

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