Is Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant flammable?

Yes! Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerants are hydrocarbons and flammable to an open flame or spark and is rated as a Flammable Gas 2. This means there is a moderate chance of fire or flame. However, flammable products are used every day within the household, business and in automobiles. 

Flammable to an open flame or spark, proceed with caution if used in systems designed for non-flammable refrigerants.

Aerosol products such as hairspray, room deodorizers, under arm deodorant, penetrating oil, WD 40, etc are all classed as a flammable and are used all over the USA and the world as a safe product in home and automotive used when used as per manufacture directions.  Hairspray = Flammable 3, Gasoline = Flammable 4, Starting Fluid = Flammable 4, Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerant = Flammable 2.  Enviro-Safe Refrigerant can be used safely in automobiles just like other flammable automotive products required in vehicle operation. All flammable products require your respect, adequate precaution and safe use practices. Follow all directions on the can or label. 

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