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  • This two-in-one inject hose combines Enviro-Safe’s Prodry XL4 and Air Enhancer into a one-step application that boosts your system while removing moisture and preventing A/C “cancer.” It also acts as preventative care to stop acid formation that will reduce your system’s performance and lifespan.
  • Multiple sizes available to chose from!
  • One-time use
  • Concentrated
  • No need to pump-down R410 or other units
  • No injection-hose or caulk-gun needed
  • Concentrated formula means less material in the system
  • DO NOT use in ammonia systems

Step 1: Turn the A/C system on and verify the unit is running. Connect Air Enhancer with Prodry XL4 Inject to the lowside service port of the system. (This is generally the large line.)
Step 2:  Connect the manifold refrigerant hose to the refrigerant supply tank. Verify the high and low side valves on the manifold are closed before proceeding. Purge the low-pressure hose when connecting to the ES Proseal XL4 Inject.
Step 3: Open the low-side valve and watch for the tube to clear. (This will ONLY take a few seconds!) Turn off low-side manifold valve as soon as the tube is clear. Turn off refrigerant gas. Verify the system is charged to manufacturer’s specifications! Disconnect low-side hose from ES ProSeal XL4 Inject. Install service port cap. Run the A/C unit at least one hour after installing ES ProSeal XL4 Inject. 

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