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Transmission Plus is a state-of-the-art conditioner and stop leak in one. You get the superior performance of Enviro-Safe Automatic Transmission Conditioner, which allows smoother shifting, removes varnish build-up, and adds lubrication, with the bonus of a stop leak for seals. The stop leak conditions seals and then swells them, restoring the to "Near New" condition. This prevents transmission fluid from leaking, thus fixing most transmission leaks.

In today's fast paced world, automotive, transmissions generate tremendous heat production under normal operation conditions.  The heat is produced by extreme pressure from the transmission bushings, bearings, and gears.  Extreme high temperature can lead to premature failure of an automatic transmission.  These failures occur more often when the vehicle is pulling boats, trailers, campers, etc...

The use of Enviro-Safe Transmission Plus will reduce friction, and heat that is produced in the bushings, bearings, and gears and will eliminate most normal transmission annoyances.  In most cases, Transmission Plus will reverse the ill effects of the heat production and return the transmission to useable service.

Transmission Plus was formulated to include specialized cleaners to remove oil contaminates like varnish, lacquer, and dirt accumulation from within the transmission's valve body, clutch pac, and governors simply by daily driving of the automobile.  As these impurities are loosened from the transmission, they are trapped by the filter.

Transmission Plus contains no PTFE Silicones, polymers or moly and wil not harm the transmission clutch.

Transmission Plus does not claim to repair or remove broken metal particles that become lodged or imbedded in valve, governors, or the clutch pac.

This product stops that annoying "no shift" in cold weather on certain vehicles.  Also improves the hard shift points--jerk.

1. Shake well before use.

2. Start engine and allow to run until normal operating temperature is achieved.

3. Add 8 oz. of Transmission Enhancer Plus into the transmission.

4. Check the fluid level. Top off with new, clean transmission fluid or the manufacturer's specification.

5. Drive the vehicle for 30 minutes.

Caution: ​In case of eye contact, flush with running water. Contains petroleum hydrocarbons. DO NOT injest. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. DO NOT induce vomiting, Seel immediate medical assistance.

​Keep out of children's reach.

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