3/8" Refrigerant Access Tee Valve #3100

A/C Parts, Copper Fittings & Driers

$2.75 Quantity:

Envirosafe 3/8" Refrigerant Access Tee Valve #3100 Photo - Click to Enlarge

  • Fittings on copper tee are 3/8" diameter for copper a/c line and 1/4 - 20 flare for service valve with schrader.
  • Used for installing refrigerant and checking pressures.
  • Must be soldered or brazed into refrigerant line.
  • The service valve will work on many different applications - R12/R22/502 style hose.
  • Can be used with 134a manifold with an adapter.
  • This valve has a schrader valve with a metal cap.
  • The schrader valve must be removed before brazing or soldering this valve into a system.
  • Where can this be used....refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, soda machines, ice machines, drinking fountains, window a/c units, and more. As long as your line is 3/8" diameter, this will work.

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