Professional Brass Valve Core Schrader Tool #5070

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Envirosafe Professional Brass Valve Core Schrader Tool #5070 Photo - Click to Enlarge

The perfect tool to repair those pesky leaks from leaking schrader valves!

With this tool, there is no need to remove refrigerant from A/C units or costly yearly refrigerant fill-ups.

This tool will only work for R12, R22, and R410A valve cores (any system that uses 1/4" - 20 flare fittings).  It will not work for R134a valve cores (automobiles manufactured after mid-1993 will have R134a valve cores).


Note the following cautions:

  1. This tool wil not work on R134a systems.
  2. Make sure that the packing nut is hand-tightened (the packing nut is the middle nut).
  3. Make sure that the bottom is hand-tightened to the A/C connection valve.
  4. Before total removal of the tool from the A/C unit, slowly turn the bottom knob counter-clockwise to remove any refrigerant that may be trapped between the unit and shut-off valve.
  5. If refrigerant continues to leak, the valve core is not fully seated.  Tighten down the valve core.

Order New Schrader valves (5-pack, item #3499) if needed for replacement (simply use the search bar and type in 3499).


Easy to follow instructions for use (for professional use only):

  1. Pull the plunger all the way up.
  2. Connect the tool to A/C port.
  3. Open the shut-off valve.
  4. Push the plunger all the way down.
  5. With the plunger down, rotate the top knob counter-clockwise to remove the Schrader valve.
  6. After the Schrader valve is loose, pull the plunger up.
  7. Turn the valve on the tool off.
  8. Remove the packing nut.
  9. Remove the old valve core stem (Schrader valve).
  10. Replace it with the new valve core stem.
  11. Replace the packing nut and retighten it.
  12. Open the valve.
  13. Push down the plunger to insert the new valve.
  14. Turn the top knob clockwise until the valve core is fully seated.
  15. Remove the tool from the A/C system by turning the bottom knob counter-clockwise.

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