Pittstop Vacuum Pump 4 CFM 2 STAGE #4025


$148.50 Quantity:

Envirosafe Pittstop Vacuum Pump 4 CFM 2 STAGE #4025 Photo - Click to Enlarge

This vacuum pump works with most refrigerant systems that use R12, R134a, R22, R502, 410, 409 and 407 refrigerant.

Pittstop manufactures a full line of vacuum pumps for auto, industrial, & home applications.  Our vacuum pumps come with a sealed motor for safety with flammable refrigerants.  All vacuum pumps are fitted with a 1/4" flare and 1/2" ACME fittings that can be used with all refrigerant hoses.  Remember to purchase Enviro-Safe Vacuum Pump Oil along with the vacuum pump.    Please note that many A/C systems contain debris.  In order to protect your vacuum pump from debris, we advise you to order a filter drier (available on this website 1/4" fittings).  In addition to this you would need a 36" hose.  This would protect your warranty on the unit.

  • Low noise
  • High Efficiency
  • Preventing oil returning design
  • Alloy Aluminum Casing
  • Single Stroke oil-rotating-vane vacuum pumps
  • Works with most refrigerants
  • Can pull down to 29.9 inches of mercury
  • 115 volt

Vacuum Pump manufacturers recommend oil be changed after each contaminated system is evacuated for maximum protection.  Vacuum Pump Oil is available for purchase separately.

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