Enviro-Safe R290 Refrigerant 8 oz can & Proseal Mini Direct Inject

R290 & R600a

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Envirosafe Enviro-Safe R290 Refrigerant 8 oz can & Proseal Mini Direct Inject Photo - Click to Enlarge

  • One of our newest kits for those small R290 systems that hold only a few ounces.
  • Kit Includes:
    • ​1 can R290 Refrigerant 8 oz can (label may vary)
    • 1 each Proseal Mini Direct Inject or Proseal with Dye Mini Direct Inject (you pick!)
    • This product is flammable to open flame or spark and is not intended for use in systems designed for non-flammable refrigerants.

R290 Can

Directions for Use:

1.Pull a vacuum to check for leaks.
2. If you have a leak, DO NOT install this product without fixing the leak and verifying that the leak is fixed. DO NOT expose to any
ignition source.
3. Invert can to charge.
4. Install following the manufacturer’s specifications for the unit.
5. Dispose of waste material in accordance with all local, regional, national, and international regulations.
Note: This product is approved by US EPA with special use restrictions (defined in 40 CFR Part 82.172) for new food refrigerators, food
freezers, stand-alone units, some industrial applications and new room air conditioners clearly identified for use with this refrigerant,
among other uses as approved by the EPA. This refrigerant may only be used in new equipment specifically designed and identified
by EPA for R-290 refrigerant use, and may not be used as a conversion or “retrofit” refrigerant for existing equipment.

Proseal Mini Inject

Directions for Use:
1. Turn the A/C system on and verify the unit is running.
2. Connect Proseal Mini Direct Inject to the low-side service port of the system. (This is generally the large line.)
3. Connect the manifold refrigerant hose to the refrigerant supply tank.
4. Verify the high and low side valves on the manifold are closed before proceeding.
5. Purge the low-pressure hose when connecting to the Proseal Mini Direct Inject.
6. Open the low-side valve and watch for the tube to clear. (This will ONLY take a few seconds!)
7. Turn off low-side manifold valve as soon as the tube is clear.
8. Turn off refrigerant gas.
9. Verify the system is charged to manufacturer’s specifications!
10. Disconnect low-side hose from ProSeal Mini Direct Inject.
11. Install service port cap.
12. Run the A/C unit at least one hour after installing the ProSeal Mini Direct Inject.

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