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Male Straight Push in Pneumatic Fitting MPC #6096

Pneumatic Push-ins, Regulators & Gauges

$1.25 Quantity:

Envirosafe Male Straight Push in Pneumatic Fitting MPC #6096 Photo - Click to Enlarge

  • 1/4" TUBE X 1/8" THREAD MPC 1/4" #1
  • Push-in Fitting
  • Designed for low-pressure circuits, where fast assembly, disassembly, and reassembly are important.
  • No special tools are needed for assembly - just insert the tube inside the fitting until it bottoms.
  • Push in the release collar to disengage the radial-claw stainless steel grab ring.
  • Compact, one-piece brass fittings are for use with polyethylene, nylon, or soft metal tubing.
  • No support ferrules or ID tube supports required.
  • Pressure range up to 300 PSI
  • Vacuum applications depend on temperature and tubing type

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