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Stop Leak Vacuum Sealed Can for R12 & R134a Use #2040A

Stop Leak & Sealants, R134a: Stop Leak & Sealant, R12: Stop Leak & Sealants

$6.00 Quantity:

Envirosafe Stop Leak Vacuum Sealed Can for R12 & R134a Use #2040A Photo - Click to Enlarge


 Stopleak VS SDS (434 KB, PDF)


  • Enviro-Safe Stop Leak VS
  • For automotive use
  • With age, o rings and seals will shrink and deteriorate.
  • When Enviro-Safe Stop Leak is added to your a/c system, it reconditions the rubber o rings and seals.
  • 1 can will treat 1 vehicle.
  • Installing Enviro-Safe Stop Leak may stop the yearly recharge of lost refrigerant.
  • Can be used in R134a and R12 system.
  • The top of the can has a R134a top.
  • Hoses and taps available in R134a and R12 to help you with installation.
  • This can be added to a fully charged automotive a/c system.
  • This item REQUIRES a non back flow device hose - available on this site for R12 and R134a applications.

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