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Dye Charge 4 oz Can #2050A

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$4.25 Quantity:

Envirosafe Dye Charge 4 oz Can #2050A Photo - Click to Enlarge


 Dye Charge SDS (387 KB, PDF)

  • Enviro-Safe Dye Charge is fully compatible with mineral, ester and pag oils.
  • For use in automotive applications.
  • Highly concentrated dye (fluorescent yellow)
  • In some cases, you can see the dye with the naked eye.
  • The dye works best with the use of a black light and UV glasses.
    • ​#3565 UV Glasses
    • #3525 Black light
  • This is the same color dye that most auto makers inject into the vehicle when new.
  • This 4 oz can is enough dye for a full size auto or truck.
  • Has 134a top on the can.

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