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Magnum Proseal with Dye Inject Kit for Single Air Auto AC Systems

CO2 Kits & Components, R12: Stop Leak & Sealants, R12: Direct Injects, R134a: Stop Leak & Sealant, R134a: Direct Injects, R1234YF

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Envirosafe Magnum Proseal with Dye Inject Kit for Single Air Auto AC Systems Photo - Click to Enlarge

Check out this new, innovative product that allows you to install Direct Inject in minutes! Enviro-Safe Direct Inject products connect effortlessly to our Magnum D.I. inject gun. This product is patent pending.

Magnum D.I. Inject allows you to install any Enviro-Safe Direct Inject product into your automotive system even if the system is full.

This kit will work for automotives use in smaller vehicles and systems with single air (dual air systems, please look for kit #9880)

Kit #9870 includes:

  • 1 Magnum D.I. Inject Gun
  • 1 ProSeal with Dye Direct Inject
  • 2 Disposable CO2 cartridges

If you need the coupler for the R134a or R1234YF systems, please use the drop down menu to choose the one you need.

Watch our video to see how easy Magnum D.I. is to use!

1. Unscrew cap and insert cartridge with the narrow end up.
2. Without depressing trigger, screw cartridge quickly into the cap until cartridge punctures pin. You will hear a slight air release sound.
3. Quickly and firmly screw the unit together. NOTE: Not completely screwing the unit together may result in escaping gas.
4. Depress trigger to discharge the CO2 cartridge.

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