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Enviro-Safe R-290 Refrigerant Recharge Kit w Gauge #8006


$42.00 Quantity:

Envirosafe Enviro-Safe R-290 Refrigerant Recharge Kit w Gauge #8006 Photo - Click to Enlarge

Enviro-Safe no longer markets or sells Enviro-Safe 22a or Enviro-Safe 502a for use in the USA.

Enviro-Safe is marketing an EPA-approved refrigerant (R-290 CAS #74-98-6) for use in new food refrigerators and freezers (stand-alone units only), and some industrial applications in accordance with EPA regulations at 40 CFR Part 82.172

 This kit includes:

  • 3 - 8 oz cans of R-290
  • 1 can tap and hose  (Connect other end of hose to low pressure end of A/C unit) Low pressure end is usually the big line with the foam.


Refer to manufacture's specifications for charging.
For instance:

Wine Coolers run about 56° so your pressure would need to be 86.8

Refrigerators run about 44° so your pressure would need to be 69.4

Freezers run about -8° so your pressure would need to be 18.1

This product is Flammable. As with any other flammable product, please use with caution.

The temperature pressure chart represents the temperature of the product when inside the system.

Instructions for connecting can/tap and hose to can:

Invert to charge.

*Connect can to can tap (end with handle)

*Connect other end to unit

*Pierce can (turn blue handle down)

*Turn can upside down

*Open blue handle to inject product.

Please refer to the manufacturer's specifications prior to recharging the refrigeration system for proper pressures.

Follow all directions.

Do Not overfill.

Flammable to an open flame or spark, proceed with caution. 

DO NOT smoke or use spark, or flame when using any refrigerant, refrigerant support product, other flammable products, or when servicing refrigeration equipment.

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