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Filter Dryer Kit for Vacuum Pump or Reclaimer #4055


$19.99 Quantity:

Envirosafe Filter Dryer Kit for Vacuum Pump or Reclaimer #4055 Photo - Click to Enlarge

Protect your vacuum pump, reclaimer, & equipment from dirt and contaminates using this Filter Dryer kit.

Filters contaminates out of the refrigerant stream and removes any residual moisture which may have been introduced during the installation or charging process.

Neutralizes acid which forms as a result of interatction of moisture and oil. 

  • Filter dryers should be changed whenever the refrigerant circuit needs to be broken during service.
  • Works with any type of refrigerant except ammonia.  The maximum pressure is 610 PSI.
  • This kit comes with one Refrigerant Filter dryer w/ flare 1/4" ends and one --20" hose.
  • 1/4"SAE threaded fitting on end of filter
  • UL approved
  • multi-directional.
  • Works with R12, R22, R134a, and 502


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