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Electric Fusion #3571

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 Electric Fusion SDS (186 KB, PDF)
 Enviro-Safe Electric Fusion (186 KB, PDF)
 Enviro-Safe Electric Fusion (186 KB, PDF)

Enviro-Safe Electric Fusion achieves instant fusion and can be used for PVC electrical conduit, condensate lines, irrigation systems, and swimming pool pipes.

Electric Fusion can be applied to wet or dry pipes and fuses completely in 60 seconds.

Long-lasting shelf life. Won't freeze, spill, or dry out in can. 

For use with NEW PVC pipe ONLY

1. Cut pipe square.
2. Remove dirt and burrs.
3. Dry fit pipe into coupling.
4. Mark pipe for alignment.
5. Spray pipe and fitting.
6. Insert pipe into fitting.
7. Turn pipe 1/4 turn.
8. Hold pipe for 10 seconds.
9. Follow the directions above for the remaining joints.

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