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Proseal with Leak Detector 3 Cans with Brass Hose

Stop Leak & Sealants, R134a: Stop Leak & Sealant

$43.00 Quantity:

Envirosafe Proseal with Leak Detector 3 Cans with Brass Hose Photo - Click to Enlarge

  • Enviro-Safe Proseal with Leak Detector finds and repairs minor leaks in mobile a/c systems.
  • It seals leaks in evaporators, condensers, fittings and metal lines.
  • Our highly concentrated, fluorescent yellow dye and allows the dye to be highly visible, and in most cases, able to be seen with the naked eye.  However, the use of a blacklight as well as UV glasses does make it much more visible.
  • Before replacing expensive parts and labor, try Enviro-Safe Proseal with Leak Detector!
  • Works on most mobile applications.
  • Applications: automotive, campers, semi tractor trailers, combines, thrashers, agriculture applications.
  • For best results, use Enviro-Safe Prodry BEFORE using the Enviro-Safe Proseal to remove any moisture in your system. Moisture is corrosive and no one wants that in their system!


3 cans Proseal with Leak Detector

1 Brass Hose

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