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ProDry XL4 Inject for Home #2105AI

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Enviro-Safe’s ProDry XL4 now comes in direct inject! Use Prodry XL4 Inject to eliminate and prevent acid formation in your Air Conditioner.
The moisture presence of choriflourine corocarbon based refrigerants can form extremely corrosive hydrochloric and hydrofloric acids that chemically corrodes systems and reduces the output and efficiency of Air Conditioning systems. ProDry neutralizes acids in systems by taking the moisture and converting it into a synthetic oil which enhances lubrication in the Air Conditioning system.
*DO NOT use in ammonia systems.
Eliminate the tedius, and time consuming process of "pumping down the unit". Simply Connect and Inject.
Enviro-Safe's ProSeal XL4 Inject is:
•Compatible with all refrigerant, except ammonia
•Compatible with all oils
No need to pump down R410, or other units
Large equipment, bulky tools, injection hoses are a thing of the past
For Use In:
•heat pumps
•split systems & mini split units
•packaged units
•microchannel coils

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