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Vacuum Pump Inline Filter Dryer #4050


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Envirosafe Vacuum Pump Inline Filter Dryer #4050 Photo - Click to Enlarge

  • Protect your vacuum pump equipment from dirt and contaminates using this filter dryer.
  • Filters contaminates out of the refrigerant system and removes any residual moisture which may have been introduced during the installation process.
  • Neutralized acid which forms as a result of interaction of moisture and oil.
  • Filter dryers should be changed whenever the refrigerant circuit needs to be broken during service (or yearly).
  • The maximum pressure is 610 PSI
  • Works with R12, R22, R134a and 502

This filter dryer has 1/2 flare male threads on one end and 1/4 flare female threads on the other end.

The filter dry screws onto the vacuum pump to catch contaminated particles from an a/c system after all service work has been performed and is ready to pull a vacuum on the a/c system.

The male end screws to a standard R12 manifold set.

If you will be using this filter dryer on a R134 manifold set you also need to order #3025 R12 to R134 tank adapter. Simply screw the adapter onto the filter's male end.

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