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Large Flame Self-Igniting Boss Torch #191


$19.95 Quantity:

Envirosafe Large Flame Self-Igniting Boss Torch #191 Photo - Click to Enlarge

This handy product contains a large torch valve with easy self-igniting  flame. The flame pattern is adjustable and reaches temperatures up to 2500°F.

Easy to Use Kit

  • Burns Clean
  • Low Emissions
  • Highly Refined Gas
  • Multi-Directional Use
  • Small Convenient Size
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Self Igniting
  • Large Head

Unlimited Uses: Solder Pipe, Automotive Use, Thaw Frozen Pipes, Lightweight Brazing Thaw Frozen Locks, Heat Rusty Hardware and much more . . .

Net Weight: 10.3 fl oz

This torch head is a precision piece of equipment and to keep it performing like new, use The Boss Fuel Tip Cleaner.

Boss Torch refills can be ordered separately.

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