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Engine Block Sealant

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Envirosafe Engine Block Sealant Photo - Click to Enlarge

Enviro-Safe Engine Block Sealant will repair most blown engine head gaskets and minor cracks in the engine block when used according to directions. Engine Block Sealant does not harm coolant systems or aluminum or steel engine parts and it will stop leaks in minutes. This 32 oz container is enough for 1 automobile or small truck diesel engine. 

For best results, add to radiator after mixing with anti-freeze.

For larger systems, please contact Enviro-Safe Technical Support at: 
1- 888-913-1110.

For Professional Use Only

1. Turn heater on.

2. Completely drain and flush cooling system.

3. Remove thermostat.

4. Add Engine Block Sealant and fill with water.

5. Run engine with radiator cap off until engine is at normal operating temperature.

6. Fill radiator completely with water, then replace cap.

7. Allow engine to run additional 20-30 minutes.

8. Drain radiator only and save mixture.

9. Replace the thermostat.

10. Insall antifreeze.

11. Use saved mixture to top off the system.

Caution: ​In case of eye contact flush immediately with running water. Contact your physician. DO NOT ingest. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Seek immediate medical assiastance.

​Keep out of children's reach.

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