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BPV-31 Bullet Piercing Tapping Valve #3080

$6.95 Quantity:

Envirosafe BPV-31 Bullet Piercing Tapping Valve #3080 Photo - Click to Enlarge

Allows you to charge a system that does not have an access port

Fits 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" OD Tube

 Enviro-Safe Piercing Valve Instructions (BVP-21 and 31)

1. Turn the piercing pin COUNTER-CLOCKWISE with the supplied Allen wrench so that the pin will not pierce the tubing. The piercing pin should not be raised above the top of the valve.

2. Remove the three bolts with the Allen wrench.

3. Put the two halves of the valve around the tubing. Use the insterts only if needed to adjust the valve to the proper tubing size. If the tubing is 3/8" (BVP-31) or 5/8"(BVP-21), no insert is needed.

4. Insert the three bolts and tighten them down evenly with the Allen wrench.

5. Turn the piercing pin CLOCKWISE to pierce the tubing.

6. The valve is now ready to use.

7. Replace the cap on the piercing valve.

Failure to re-tighten piercing pin down to the shut-off position before removing charging hose will result in the loss of all refrigerant!


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