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22a Refrigerant

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Envirosafe 22a Refrigerant Photo - Click to Enlarge


  22a 30/50 MSDS (832 KB, PDF)



 * In the USA only, Enviro-Safe 22a is sold as a second generation replacement for R407c, R404a, and MO99. Outside the US, Enviro-Safe 22a is sold as an R22 replacement.Not for use in R410a Systems. 

Enviro-Safe™ 22a Refrigerant is made of only the Most Pure, Quality, Refined ingredients available today.

Because Enviro-Safe™ 22a Refrigerant is so efficient you will use up to 40% less!  Please see equivalencies below.


The 30 lb cylinder = 12 lbs of Enviro-Safe Refrigerant and is EQUIVALENT to 30 lbs of R22a

The 50 lb cylinder = 20 lbs of Enviro-Safe Refrigerant and is EQUIVALENT to 50 lbs of R22a



 Each ounce of Enviro-Safe 22a Refrigerant is equivalent to 2.5 ounces of R22 or 2 oz. of R404a.


We are sure you are aware of other companies that market hydrocarbons that contain the “rotten egg or sulfur odor”. This smell comes from the sulfur in a blend that is unrefined or from an additive called ‘mercaptin’ which some companies add for the odor itself. Mercaptin is made from sulfur. When sulfur is introduced to moisture, it becomes an acid.

Enviro-Safe™ 22a Refrigerant is different, because it is highly refined! Enviro-Safe does not contain the “rotten egg, sulfur, propane” odor.

Enviro-Safe™ 22a Refrigerant is a non-ozone depleting product and is completely safe for the environment.

The products we market have been perfected over the years, and are now highly refined and computer blended to within 1/4 of 1% by a major American petrochemical supplier. This means our products are consistent each and every time our customers use them!

Enviro-Safe carries a guarantee that Enviro-Safe™ Refrigerants will not harm air conditioning, compressors or other related mechanical equipment when used in accordance with Enviro-Safe directions.

In most cases, Enviro-Safe™ 22a Refrigerant is capable of delivering energy savings and will result in a considerable reduction in operating costs!

There are many advantages to using Enviro-Safe™ 22a Refrigerant. It allows your system to operate with less head pressure and is extremely efficient! We have recorded energy savings of up to 40% over R22.

Enviro-Safe™ 22a Refrigerant also meets international standards such as—ISO 5149, BS 4434-1995, AS/NZS 1677 and ASHRAE 5149.

Enviro-Safe wants to make sure our customers are happy. So, by the request of our customers we carry a full line of refrigerants.

Enviro-Safe™ 22a Refrigerant is available in the 8 ounce cans, 30lb, 50lb, and 1000lb cylinders.

Enviro-Safe™ 22a Refrigerant is lighter and more efficient than HFC and CFC products so you use less. See the equivalencies below:

  **note:  cylinder may vary in color and/or style from the cylinder pictured here


This product cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii,  or any other overseas country except in pallet quantities.

If you live in Canada, keep in mind that UPS/Fed Ex will charge duties/taxes/broker fees and will bill them directly to you, the buyer.  Enviro-Safe Refrigerants, Inc.  does not set or control these duties & fees nor do we know what they will cost.  They can cost up to as much as the product purchase price itself.



The 30 lb cyllinder = 12 lbs of Enviro-Safe Refrigerant and is EQUIVALENT to 24 lbs. of R404a.

The 50 lb. cylinder = 20 lbs of Enviro-Safe Refrigerant and is EQUIVALENT to 40 lbs. of R404a.

Enviro-Safe 22a
Pressure Temperature Chart
Temp Pressure Temp Pressure
°F psig °F psig
-44 0 84 137.9
-40 0.03 88 146.5
-36 0.03 92 155.4
-32 0.03 96 164.7
-28 6.6 100 174.3
-24 8.6 104 184.4
-20 10.7 108 194.8
-16 13 112 205.6
-12 15.5 116 216.8
-8 18.1 120 228.4
-4 20.8 124 240.5
0 23.7 128 252.9
4 26.9 132 265.9
8 30.2 136 279.2
12 33.6 140 293
16 37.3 144 307.3
20 41.2 148 322.1
24 45.3 152 337.4
28 49.7 156 353.1
32 54.2 160 369.4
36 59 164 386.2
40 64.1 168 403.6
44 69.4 172 421.5
48 74.9 176 440
52 80.8 180 459.1
56 86.8 184 478.8
60 93.2 188 499.2
64 99.9 192 520.3
68 106.9 196 542.1
72 114.1 200 564.7
76 121.7 204 588.4
80 129.6    

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